Is a fear of failure holding you back from achieving your fullest potential?

Is it time to look that fear of failure in the face and finally eradicate it? 

Now may be that time for you!!

Would you believe that although I am a mental performance coach, one of my biggest fears was launching my solo business???? 

ALL kinds of thoughts floated through my mind, driven by a fear of failure and the weight of the responsibility that accompanies success. Those thoughts, combined with a healthy dose of over-analysis, created the perfect cocktail for complete mental-paralysis.

I had a knack of making several “mini-jumps” rather than taking that one big leap.

Then I started to realize that every time I had “failed” at something I had also learned so much. If I could just shift my thinking and look at failure in a different way, then I could actually incorporate it as a part of my process. Maybe I could even stay open to the possibility of it happening, without worrying about it too much.

COOL FACT: Did you know that Kobe Bryant holds the record for the number of missed field goals in the NBA, but that he also ranks 3rd in number of field goals achieved? This means that he was willing to take many more shots than the average player, and fail more, to inevitably have greater success in the long run.

The moral of the story is, to become excellent in ANYTHING you must become comfortable with falling down and getting back up, so you can eventually achieve the success that you desire!!

Here are some of my tips for overcoming a fear of failure:

  1. JUST START!!!!
    Just like beginning a new workout or job, the first few times may be UNCOMFORTABLE and may even be a little scary, but the more that you do something is the more that you are essentially building your “courage” muscle, while also building up some momentum!  

    Doing anything for the first time is akin to what toddlers must experience. They keep trying and learning, going from crawling to stumbling, to then walking and running. Each part of the process is a necessary precursor for what is to come next. They don’t give up until each step is achieved, and neither should you!

    If you wait until you have all your ducks lined up in a row, just so that you can neatly tie a red ribbon around them, for the most perfect presentation, you might be waiting for a very long time. Just starting will allow you to make adjustments as you go. Remember, nothing is set in stone and you can always change things as you see fit. Instead of perfection, aim for excellence!!

    By simply showing up, and focusing on who you get to serve, rather than focusing on other people’s opinions or on things which will not propel you forward, you can help to shift some of your angst away from “getting it right” and onto being of service to another person…so rewarding!

    We are all so unique and will approach information in such a specific way. Someone else could learn the exact same information as you, and their delivery would be completely different. Focus on your unique skills and talents and the right people to serve, as well as the opportunities in which you may do so, will show up for you!!

So stop, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself to JUST DO IT. 

Take that LEAP of faith, and trust that you will have all of the support that you need to achieve the success that you are capable of!!!